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This is another code I wrote when I changed from one studio to a different one. It allows you to change values in multiple nodes at the same time, no matter their class. I have it set on my to work when I press ctrl+e.

The code will make a list of the knobs in the nodes you have selected and show them in a window. You have multiple options for different kind of nodes and operations.

The different options are :

  • Knobs: This will show a list of knobs you can change, and the rest of the options will adapt to your selection, for example tile_color

  • Multiple knobs?: Check this to edit multiple knobs

  • New value is: You can select between Value and Expression and the field below will adapt to your selection

  • Enter value: To add your new value or expression to apply to the knob selected

  • Multiple boxes?: This is for whenever you want to change knobs that have more than one value, like Position or Scale for example. It will change the Enter value field and show 4 independent fields instead of just one

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